Tranoï SS16

A — Toolkit
B — Layout
C — Small formats
D — Welcome Guides
E — Signage systems
F — Mobile App

Tranoï is an artistic platform that curates
over 1000 international designers organized
into six fashion trade shows, four times
a year in Paris and two times a year
in New York.

Over a six month period, I created and developed a strong visual identity based
on a modular grid system for the Spring/
Summer 2016 season.

By commissioning sur mesure paintings
from the artistic duo THTF, the concept
was adapted and extended to all the communications of Tranoï Homme & Preview, Tranoï New York and Tranoï Femme.


A — Toolkit


The collaboration with the French artistic duo THTF consists
of four paintings specially designed for each show. In addition
to this, I defined a powerful color palette, chose two appropriate fonts, a modular grid system and subtle patterns.

Date: May-November 2015
Tags: Visual identity, Graphic charter


B — Layout


This modular system easily adapted to each requirement.
It has been designed to be applied absolutely everywhere.
From very small formats such as web banners to large scale signage systems, it was similarly adapted to motion graphics.

Date: May-November 2015
Tags: Layout, Grid, Visual identity


C — Small formats


Badges, Bon Appetickets and Magic Tickets.

Date: May-November 2015
Tags: Passes, Visual Identity, Events
Size: 85 x 55 mm


D — Welcome Guides


The Welcome Guide is a A5 booklet distributed to each visitor when they enter the shows. It includes all the information they need such as venue maps, designer lists and services information.

Date: May-November 2015
Tags: Editorial Design, Booklet,
Visual Identity
Size: 148 x 210 mm (A5)
Language: English
Pages: 16-32
Copies: 10000


E — Signage systems


Tranoï shows offers a wide variety of signage systems,
such as drops, kakemonos, shuttles, stickers, bags, walls
in four different locations: Carrousel du Louvre, Hotel Dassault and Palais Brongniart in Paris, and The Tunnel in New York.

Date: May-November 2015
Tags: Signage systems, Visual identity
Size: Variable
Photos: Tristan Bagot
& Ylenia Cuellar



F — Mobile App


The application is a real tool that visitors use before,
during and after the shows. Firstly, it allows the user
to locate themself in the venues, to check the designer lists,
but also to be informed of the latest news and to have
direct access to information about offers and services.

Date: May-November 2015
Tags: UI design, Visual identity,
Mobile application
Motion design: Paul-Emmanuel Bes




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