A — Logotype
B — Charter
C — Responsive website
D — Overview

Appso-Supro works with luxury brands
to develop sustainable strategies catered
to their responsible use of luxury materials,
specifically fur and leather. Focusing
on improving product materials, education
and finding innovative uses for by-products
that contribute to the design process.



A — Logotype


Date: Summer 2014
Tags: Visual identity, Logo


B — Charter


Date: Summer 2014
Tags: Visual identity, Charter


C — Responsive website (in progress)

Date: October 2014
Tags: Visual identity, Website, Responsive
Size: 440 x 160 mm


D — Overview


Date: Summer 2014
Tags: Visual identity



Adidas Creators Arena
Les Off
Tranoï SS16
This is an after party
Turbulences invite Gunnter

Taking Position
NSN #3
Open Air Club
Felix Oehmann
Phonographe’s Birthday